The Freedom Project Update
Freeing Children From The Bondage Of Slavery

Each week we will show you the faces of children sold into a life of slavery. Forced to work long and grueling hours in the harsh elements of Pakistan - the baking sun of summer, the bitter cold of winter - these children are without hope of a future. With the help of Christians like you we will be able to change the future of 107 of these children.

As children are rescued we will bring you their stories, not only of the past but the future. Once rescued these children are placed into a community of house churches where a Christian family "adopts" the child, incorporating them into their family. Rescued children are also enrolled into one of three Christian Schools run by our ministry partners where they receive a Christ centered education.

Though we understand that this approach doesn't solve or rid the world of the inhuman evil of Human Trafficking it will make a life changing difference for each of these 107 children. It is to these children we will proclaim "liberty for the captive", setting them on a course of spiritual rebirth, emotional healing, and a future filled with hope.

Below are photos of 9 of the children Crossroads ministry partners have identified as sold to a local brick factory in Pakistan. As we work to free these children please join us in praying for each one of them.



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