The Freedom Project: February Update

The Freedom Project Update: February 2012

As of February nearly $5,000 has been raised for The Freeedom Project. These funds have been sent over to our
partners in Pakistan who have successfully negotiated the rescue of 16 children from a life of servitude in the brick kilns
of Pakistan. These 16 children are now being placed into “foster” homes within the Christian community of local house
churches and enrolled into the routines of attending school.

Though we are deeply moved and grateful to God to be allowed a small part to play in the eventual density shaping of
these small children, sadly just this last week one of the 16 children we rescued has died, too far gone with starvation
and illnesses to save in time; another two children we had hoped to rescue died before we could finish “negotiating
their price”. Can’t tell you how much this bothers me – to know that these little lives were within our grasp, to rescue
them from a life of hellish abuse and abandonment both spiritually and physically, but we were simply too late. Three
young lives snuffed out by the cruelty often associated with the struggle for life in Pakistan, surely the heart of God
wrenches with pain. This is a cruel reminder that life is cheap in Pakistan … the life of a child that no one wants, even
cheaper. To say that I’m sobered and sad is an understatement.

Regarding the 15 children who remain, we were informed by adult workers at the brick kiln that these children were
slated to be sold to another brick kiln operation or to the Taliban as child soldiers if Crossroads hadn’t come along
and “bought their freedom”. Pray that we may continue to rescue many more children from a life of grueling slavery and
hopelessness. That, like these 15 rescued children, we might be there in time before either death takes them or they are
sold to our enemies, only to face these children as adults later on some field of battle.

Below are a few photos of the children before and after rescue; I hope these photos will spurn on even greater prayer
on behalf of these children and the work of Crossroads in Pakistan.

The first photo is a group photo of the children before rescued; all the remaining photos are of the same children after
being rescued. The titles under each photo will give you an idea of what’s going on.

Our great need now is to get these 15 children into “foster” Christian homes and enrolled into the local Christian School
for an education. It would be a travesty if we rescued them only to abandon them now by not providing the means
through which they can pull themselves out of a cyclic pattern of generational poverty. A solid biblically based education
of the highest caliber provides not only the education but the spiritual resources to face an uncertain future but with
their hands firmly grasped in the hand of a God who never forsakes nor abandons them.
children_rescued_now_with_local_pakistani_pastors_and_wives.jpgafter_rescue_-_first_full_meals.jpgafter_rescue_-_first_order_of_business_haircuts.jpgafter_rescue_-_warmth_and_comfort.jpg children_prior_to_their_rescue.jpg

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