Moya Khumalo His Blessing from God
Moya Khumalo – His Blessing from God

moya_.jpgA dangerous gap exists in our world today -- a gap between sympathy and responsibility, between feeling something should be done and actually doing something about it. It's a gap that paralyzes most of us from doing the little we could. Crossroads is about bridging that gap because on the other side of that gap are people who are hurting.

At Crossroads everything we do is designed to reach out to others in a tangible way with the love and compassion of Christ while presenting them with a solid and understandable explanation of the gospel of Christ. We are committed to meeting the needs of the whole person: i.e. spiritual, emotional, educational, and physical. Our programs reach out to those in need, offering more than just a sympathetic glance. We offer hurting people a tangible expression of God’s love: a plate of food, a doctor's healing hands, a pair of shoes, training in valuable work skills, and a helping hand in starting small micro businesses. We call this “compassionate evangelism” and we invite you to make a difference too through these initiatives of compassionate evangelism. 

full_photo_of_moya_2.jpgA few weeks ago we had the opportunity to be Gods’ compassionate hands extended to a man named Moya Khumalo. At 69 years old Moya lives alone in a make shift shack in the Madoni Tree squatter settlement, one of the poorer communities that Crossroads ministers in. Moyas’ home of unsteady walls, slanted ceilings, and r
ough dirt floors is built out of miscellaneous scraps of tin, cardboard and wooden planks. 

old_bed.jpgWhile ministering in this community our staff was told of Moya who had been suffering with a chronic illness.  Stepping inside Moyas’ home we found him resting on a bed made of bed springs and a single thin dirty blanket to warm himself with. The thick air and dank surroundings of this dark cold shack drew a depressing picture of the only life Moya Khumalo knows. 

bed_with_blanket.jpgThat day with Gods’ help the Crossroads staff vowed to make some changes. A new bed was supplied by a partner ministry called the Container Ministry; blankets and shoes were supplied by Crossroads. Crossroads staff members took Moya to a local hospital for treatment of his illness.

moya_new_bed.jpgOne Sunday morning last month Moya attended the church which Crossroads planted last year in Madoni Tree. There Moya testified of the love of Gods’ people and how Christ and the message of salvation became real to him. Like so many years ago in a small insignificant stable Christ was born into Mankind, so through this one act of compassionate evangelism Christ has been born into the life of Moya Khumalo.

Thank you for helping us through your gifts to bring the Christ child this Christmas to the lives of people like Moya. 

Crossroads, South Africa

Kent Kelley
Founder, Crossroads International

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