What We Do

A dangerous gap exists today and it's growing wider. It's the gap between talking sympathetically about the problems of our world and taking responsibility to do something; the gap between feeling and actually doing something that produces change. Most of us overwhelmed by the needs do nothing, not even the little we could. Crossroads is about bridging that gap because on the other side of that gap are hurting people.

At Crossroads we are committed to addressing the needs of the whole person: spiritual, emotional, educational, and physical. Our programs meet people at their point of need, offering more than a sympathetic glance. We offer hurting people a tangible expression of God’s love: a plate of food, a doctor's healing hands, a pair of shoes, training in valuable work skills, and a helping hand in starting small micro businesses while presenting the gospel of Christ. We call this compassionate evangelism and we invite you to make a difference through your own involvement in compassionate evangelism


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