Crossroads International

Crossroads is about bridging that gap because on the other side are hurting people. Discover how Crossroads is bridging this gap through innovative programs, restoring hope and producing change in the lives of everyday people.

Humanitarian Aid

256 times God draws our attention to the plight of the poor calling us to a life of compassionate responsibility demonstrated through generosity and acts of kindness. Find out how Crossroads is fostering change in the lives of people living in extreme poverty...more

Child Relief

Everyday thousands of discarded Indian orphans suffocate under a sense of abandonment as the darkness of an uncertain future falls on them. Many fall prey to the sex trafficking industry encompassing India today. Others make their way to the beaming lights of cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, or Chennai hoping to find shelter and food...more

Medical Outreach Clinics

Medical professionals help advance the work of Crossroads through highly successful outreaches...more


Crossroads Micro-development projects serve as catalysts of change providing skills training, tools, and resources for micro-businesses empowering people to break out of the cycle of about our latest project
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